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Roundsourcing Podcast: Interview with Tulio Teixeira, of FIEMG in Belo Horizonte (Brazil)

The metropolitan area of Belo Horizonte in Minas Gerais, Brazil, is the fifth largest industrial region of Latin America. Over the last decade, its GDP has grown more than that of Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro, while enjoying a nearly 30% lower cost of living. The area has successfully attracted foreign investment and has established itself as the second largest exporter in the country.

The Federation of Industries of Minas Gerais (or “FIEMG”) is an umbrella organization supporting the growth and sustainability of the industry in the state. FIEMG consists of several suborganizations which together provide vital support to industry in a multitude of areas, such as credit and financing, tax, environment, education and labor. The services are aimed at helping industry grow in a sustainable way, while becoming more innovative and competitive both nationally and internationally:

CIEMG (the Industrial and Business Center of Minas Gerais)

CIEMG supports industry through representation and partnerships, leadership training programs and improved integration between suppliers and buyers. Strategic information is shared among buyers, suppliers and companies throughout the production chain in the “Industrial Registry,” a resource available in print and online.

SESI (Social Service Industry)

For the past 70 years, SESI has been the social arm of FIEMG, focused on social corporate responsibility. SESI has invested in the safety and health of the workplace and has established more than 30 schools throughout Minas Gerais. It has supported a range of cultural initiatives, including creation of cultural centers, theaters, art galleries and the SESI Museum of Arts and Crafts.

SENAI (National Service of Industrial Learning)

SENAI is the largest professional education complex in Latin America. It provides professional education, HR training, and a wide range of applied research and technology information. 

IEL (Euvaldo Lodi Institute)

IEL promotes interaction between companies and knowledge centers in Minas Gerais. Its mission is to promote the competitiveness of industry through innovation, training and close collaboration between industry participants and universities and research institutions. Minas Gerais has at least 11 federal universities, two state universities and nine institutes of technology and innovation. Technology parks and business incubators are widespread throughout the state.

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