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Hiring Illegal Aliens Costs Company $450,000

On September 11, George’s Processing Inc, a southwest Missouri poultry processing plant, paid an administrative fine of $450,000 as a part of a settlement agreement. Read More ›

USCIS Confirms I-9 Form Bearing - June 30, 2009 Expiration Still Valid

USCIS announced today that the current Form I-9, which contains a June 30, 2009 expiration date, continues to be valid.  Following approval of the form extension by the Office of Management and Budget, the form's expiration will be updated.

E-Verify For Federal Contractors--Delayed Again

It was announced on the USCIS website today that the implementation of the mandatory use of E-Verify for employers has been pushed back yet again.  The new date for implementation is June 30, 2009. 

Implementation of New I-9 Rule Delayed until April 3, 2009

Late Friday evening U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced a delay of 60 days for the implementation of its recent interim final rule amending the Form I-9 and revising the list of documents employers may accept when completing the employment eligibility verification process. Implementation of the rule has now been pushed back until April 3, 2009. In addition to the delay in implementation of the rule, USCIS has reopened the public comment period for 30 days, until March 4, 2009. Read More ›

New Form I-9 Required for Use February 2, 2009

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services submitted an interim rule in late December 2008 in order to further streamline the employment eligibility verification process for employers. Among the most critical updates to the process are revisions to the Form I-9 that include modifications of the available List A documents and a requirement the all documents presented in the employment eligibility verification process must now be unexpired. These new requirements and the new Form I-9 are effective February 2, 2009. Read More ›

E-Verify For Federal Contractors--Start Date Delayed

U.S. CIS recently announced a change regarding implementation date for federal contractors to begin using E-verify.  The date was originally set for January 15, 2009.  This date has been pushed back to February 20, 2009.

Department of Labor Releases PERM Statistics

The Department of Labor released statistics on the PERM program.  Some of the statistics are quite interesting.   Read More ›

US CIS Reaches H-1B Cap for FY2009

Today the U.S. CIS announced that it is has reached the H-1B Cap for FY2009.  CIS also announced that it had received a sufficient number of cases from those holding U.S. master's degrees or higher to exceed the 20,000 available exemptions for these petitioners. Read More ›

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